5 tips for making a Minecraft office building

Who knew Minecraft had so many office supplies?

Expanding a city in Minecraft is a difficult task. Once players have already built a number of structures like stores, a base, farm buildings, and much more, it can be difficult to decide how to continue. However, one building that the items in Minecraft lend themselves particularly well to is an office building.

This list details a few cool tips and tricks for perfecting an office building in any Minecraft world.

Tips for making an office building in Minecraft

#5 – Making cubicles into homes

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Cubicles are an integral part of any office building. They not only give employees their own designated workspace, but they really contribute to that official feel that is important in any good office.

However, sometimes cubicles can be boring and monotonous. Players may wish to spruce up their office cubicles by adding in a laptop. One easy laptop design is made with a birch trapdoor and a stone slab.

Of course, workers will need somewhere to sit, but fortunately chairs are easily replaced by stair blocks of the player’s choosing.

Finish up with some colorful carpet on the floor and a picture frame or two, and the office will start to feel like somewhere employees actually want to be.

#4 – Hydration station

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

After hours and hours of hard work, employees will no doubt begin to get thirsty. Minecraft is no stranger to decorative blocks involving water, so a water cooler is a great addition to any Minecraft workspace.

To build a water cooler, players should craft a cauldron using seven iron ingots, and then fill it with water. After being filled, players can add a glass block on top, and complete the build with a lever on one side.

To make the cooler even more realistic, players can even put a bucket of water into an item frame that they’ve placed onto the cauldron.

#3 – Strictly business

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Though employee productivity is the main goal of any office, it has long been known that for the best work to get one, workers need to take a break every once in a while. Instead of an office building that’s all business, players may wish to provide a designated break room for their employees to recharge in.

A break room can contain almost any item the player wants, but to make it feel like a real life office, some chairs and tables should certainly be included.

Players can even use chests full of food to stand in for the refrigerators that are often found in office break rooms.

Signs are also an important part of not only the break room, but the entire office as well. They can be used to designate which cubicles are which, or even placed around the building to relay fun or informative messages to make the office feel authentic. For example, a sign on the makeshift refrigerator could read something like, “Steak belongs to Nancy from finance. DO NOT STEAL!”

#2 – Lighting up the workspace

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Generally, in Minecraft city builds, lighting is a bone of contention. Torches often take away from the realism in city buildings, since most real life cities are lit using electricity. However, Minecraft has a few other lighting options that can make an office building feel exactly like they do in person.

Glowstone is a route that many players choose to take for lighting in realistic builds, however it can prove to be hard to gather, due to its location typically high up on the ceiling of the nether.

Players can also opt for redstone lamps, which can be turned on and off similarly to lighting fixtures inside of actual buildings.

However, deep in the end lies the perfect lighting for office buildings: end rods. With two end rods stuck together on the ceiling, players can create incredibly realistic fluorescent lighting that looks like the same kind of lighting used in many modern office buildings.

Though it may take a few tries to make it look right, end rods are a very worthwhile investment for an office building in Minecraft.

#1 – Employees are a must

Image via Minecraft
Image via Minecraft

Finally, the most important part of any office building: the employees. With all the hard work players put into building an office, it would be very sad to not make it home to a few permanent residents. Employees can be any mob in the game, though the more humanoid ones can really make an office building feel authentic.

Of course, peaceful mobs are typically safer to keep in a build, so zombies might have to sit this one out. However, the zombified piglins from within the nether fulfill the role of being peaceful until attacked, plus they take on a humanoid shape, making them perfect for the role of office employee.

Though employees can be left to wander the building, certain mobs need to stay in specific areas of the office to make sure operations run smoothly. To make this happen, players can trap mobs in boats and scoot them over to their new work stations.

Pictured above is one example of this method used on a hard working secretary who loves to read and pick up phone calls from potential business partners.

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