All you need to know about the God of Contracts

Genshin Impact has a story that weaves together gods, monsters, and humanity in a tale that spans the world of Teyvat and its rulers. The God of Contracts ‘Morax’, or as players likely know him, Zhongli is the Geo Archon and the God of the Earth, controlling the very ground itself.

Morax has been around for thousands of years and has kept a watchful eye on humanity as one of its protectors and saviors. The people of Liyue worshiped Morax as their patron deity and players can learn more about his influence here.

Genshin Impact: Morax lore and details:

Morax, also called the God of Contracts or Rex Lapis was one of the Archons, and the Seven gods who presided over the world of Teyvat. Currently Morax lives in the human world as Zhongli, but over 6000 years ago, he was a fierce god who fought to protect the lives of those who called Liyue their home.

Once a year, Morax would come down and give his advice to the people of Liyue and help facilitate their growth, turning Liyue into a prosperous land of merchants and traders.

Morax is also responsible for the creation and growth of Azhdaha, and helped form much of the land of Liyue alongside his fellow gods like Osial of the sea and Guizhong, the God of dust.

Unfortunately, the Archon War broke out, and the gods fought for dominance, and needless killing took the lives of many gods. Morax and the other six survivors formed the Seven, who ruled over their respective lands and formed their people.

How powerful was Morax:

Morax was once strong enough to defeat Gods singlehandedly, as his control over Geo was so powerful he could summon spears from the heavens to pin his enemies down or trap his foes within spires of resonating pillars.

Morax battled several gods and even demonic forces, and summoned the Yaksha to aid him in his war against the enemies of Liyue. He was even considered the Warrior God once upon a time, as his ferocity in battle was unrivaled even among the other gods.

Morax definitely was a powerful character that enemies wouldn’t want to tangle with.

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Where is Morax now:

After giving up his Gnosis and his responsibilities as the God of Liyue, Morax retired as the humble human, Zhongli. He spends his days working and exploring Liyue, and also enjoys learning about the ways of humanity.

He is still a simple God and while he is by no means uneducated, he has yet to fully come to terms with being human. Players will have interacted with Zhongli in this form several times, and his endearing nature has made him one of the most popular Genshin Impact characters.

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Genshin Impact’s storyline is deep and players will have to dig into the lore to find out all the details and connections. Players have a huge story that they can sink into, and the world of Teyvat is always waiting for an intrepid explorer.

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