Australia’s Jamie Kermond banned from Olympics over positive cocaine test

It must have been some “social event.”

Australian equestrian athlete Jamie Kermond tested positive for cocaine and was suspended from the Tokyo Olympics on Wednesday.

“It is likely that positive result was from a single recreational use of the drug during a social event and had no connection with my sport of equestrian,” Kermond said in a statement. “The consequence of this positive result is that I have been provisionally suspended from my sport by Equestrian Australia.”

Kermond, who was set to make his Olympic debut at 36-year-old, is banned from all competition while his second sample from a drug test, administered on June 26 by Sport Integrity Australia (SPI), is tested.

While the showrider was not considered a medal contender, he won the Australian National Championships in 2016 and 2017 with his horse, Yandoo Oaks Constellation.

“I am extremely upset and remorseful as to what has happened, and I accept full responsibility. I am truly sorry as I have let a lot of people down including my family and teammates,” Kermond said. “Hopefully one day I can be forgiven for my mistake and make amends through better actions and continued contribution to the sport I know and love.”

Australia's Jamie Kermond was banned from the Olympics for a positive cocaine test.
Australia’s Jamie Kermond was banned from the Olympics for a positive cocaine test.
Kerry Marshall

Equestrian Australia will be offer support to Kermond, who said he is going to fully participate in the SPI investigation.

The equestrian competition at the Olympic Games will begin on Saturday.

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