White House’s Approach for CBDC Amid Mixed Responses on Crypto


The U.S. has been strategically planning its Digital Dollar or central bank digital currency (CBDC) since last time. After the Federal Reserve issued a paper on CBDC in January end, President Joe Biden is anticipated to subscribe to an administrative order this week on crypto regulations and consolidate the sweats regarding its digital currency. Recent … Read more

Will Bitcoin (BTC) Price Pretest Sub$ Situations Again?

Bitcoin (BTC) Price Retest

The Russia-Ukraine conflict has brought crypto to the centre stage, with each update from the war front impacting Bitcoin price and other cryptocurrencies. Crypto judges at this stage seem to be divided in opinion, and it is tough to prognosticate the following BTC price situations for Bitcoin. Let’s look at the most popular prognostications in … Read more

The Ukraine Government said it would Airdrop In Crypto Aid Crosses $50 Mln

Airdrop In Crypto

The Ukraine Government said on Tuesday it would airdrop crypto bestowed to the country’s functionary portmanteau, as donations crossed$ 50 million. The country’s functionary Twitter handle said an airdrop was verified and that a shot would be taken on March 3, at 6 pm Kyiv time (4 pm GMT). An airdrop is an event where … Read more

Crypto Sell-Offs amid the threatening situation in Ukraine Because of Attack by Russia

Crypto price

The final Asian trading season and the initial London trading traders heard about Russian president Vladimir Putin had ordered a Ukraine invasion. As tensions continue to increase in Ukraine and the cities of Ukraine and cities, the west, including Europe, the United States, and European, has chosen to adopt an uncompromising approach to sanctions. Recent … Read more

Motherson Sumi shares recover from 52-week low. What should investors do after Q3 results?

Motherson Sumi shares

Auto ancillary company has reported the company’s 5.7 percent decrease in total revenue consolidated from operations, which was 16,117.5 crore that was higher than Street’s estimate of 14,794 crore. Motherson Sumi Systems share price has risen by nearly 5 percent since the 52-week low of 166.55 it was traded early this morning after the company … Read more