California Hate Crimes Against Black People Increased By 31% In 2020

Whew! The hate is real!

According to a report released by the state’s attorney general on Wednesday, hate crimes in California increased by 31% in 2020.

Black people only account for 6.5% of California’s population of an estimated 40 million people but represent “30% of all hate crimes — 456 overall, up 87% from the previous year,” FOX 11 LA reports.

“What we see from these reports is what we have seen and felt all year — we are in the midst of a racial justice reckoning in this country. It’s multi-faceted, and it cannot be solved overnight.” Attorney General Rob Bonta said.

In total, “hate crimes” saw an increase from 1,015 to 1,330 in 2020, “while the number of victims increased 23%, from 1,247 to 1,536.”

Amid the pandemic, racial injustices took place all over the country with the well-known murder of George Floyd who was killed by ex-officer Derek Chauvin, who is now serving 22 years in prison.

While the Asian community did see a spike in hate crimes, “targeting Asians was low — 89 — that was more than double the number in 2019. “

Hate crimes against Latinos increased also. Crimes targeting the community “increased from 110 in 2019 to 152 last year, while those against white people rose from 39 to 82.”

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