Can Bulbasaur be shiny in Pokemon GO?

With the upcoming Spotlight Hour on July 6th, 2021, every Pokemon GO Trainer is curious if Shiny Bulbasaur will be available as well, and we have the answer here.

Bulbasaur is one of the many Pokemon that have been around since the beginning of Pokemon GO. This Grass and Poison Type of Pokemon is a fan favorite for many Pokemon GO Trainers and is one of the companions that a Trainer can choose as their first buddy in the game.

There are three Pokemon in the Bulbasaur family, Bulbasaur evolves into Ivysaur with 25 Candies, and then can evolve into Venusaur with 100 Candies. Mega Venusaur is available as well by using Mega Energy, and is a great Pokemon to have when going up against Fighting, Water, and Electric Types of Pokemon.

Bulbasaur is an excellent contender for the Element Cup in Pokemon GO, being the first evolution Pokemon. However, this Grass and Poison Type of Pokemon is weak against Psychic, Flying, Fire and Ice Types.

Finding a Shiny Bulbasaur in Pokemon GO

While a Trainer can find Bulbasaur spawning in the wild, they are also available in 2KM eggs. They usually spawn in sylvan, grassy areas such as parks, trails, forests, etc.

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

Shiny Bulbasaur is available to those who seek it, but there is a very low chance. However, with Spotlight Hour happening between the hours of 6:00 PM and 7:00 PM on July 6th local time, the chances of scoring a Shiny version greatly increase due to the amount of spawns.

The Shiny version of Bulbasaur looks very similar to the normal version, the difference being just another shade of green. Making it not very exciting for those who hunt Shiny Forms of each Pokemon, but it is still a good hunt.

Remember, there is no actual benefit of having a Shiny Pokemon, it’s all about personal preference. Some Trainers like to collect these shiny forms.

During this Spotlight Hour in Pokemon GO, a Trainer will want to be looking at each and every Bulbasaur they come into contact with, to check for that Shiny encounter.

Having an Incense readily available will be beneficial as well. They are available for purchase in the Shop for 40 coins and having two of them will be helpful.

Trainers will want to collect as many Bulbasaurs as they can to ensure they get more candy. Once a Shiny Bulbasaur is caught, a Trainer will then be able to evolve it into a Shiny Ivysaur or even a Shiny Venusaur.

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