Ciampa on how he got to be a lawyer on WWE

Long before embracing the role of WWE NXT’s resident psychopath, Tommaso Ciampa made his debut on WWE T.V. as one of Muhammad Hassan’s lawyers. At the time, Hassan was feuding with The Undertaker, who was dead set at tearing down anyone who stood in his path.

The segment ended after The Undertaker attacked Ciampa, who, at the time, was known as Thomas Whitney. Following his encounter with The Phenom, Ciampa wrestled a few times in WWE before being signed to a developmental contract two years later.

Speaking with Vicente Beltrán of ViBe and Wrestling, Tommaso Ciampa revealed how he got selected to play a lawyer on SmackDown.

“Looking back it’s insane. In the moment everything is going so fast that you just have to go with it, you don’t have the chance to panic, but I was 20 at the time, I had only been in wrestling for a year or so. I think the reason I got chosen was because of the promos and because talking always came natural for me.” Ciampa added, “I was in New England at the time and they were in town and they asked the local Killer Kowalsky school for some suggestions and a few of us went there and without doing any tryouts, just basically by appearance only, I got chosen to portray the lawyer that day.”

Tommaso Ciampa was released from his WWE developmental contract in 2007

Tommaso Ciampa in OVW
Tommaso Ciampa in OVW

Only months after he was signed, WWE decided to release Tommaso Ciampa as he returned to the independent wrestling circuit. Ciampa continued to garner success and popularity after leaving WWE to the point where he got himself on WWE’s radar again.

In 2015, he was signed to WWE NXT where he has since gained a great deal of fame and success. He has cemented his name as one of the best competitors to ever step inside the NXT ring.

Ciampa is a former NXT Champion and looks to become a two-time NXT Tag Team Champion alongside Timothy Thatcher. The duo will challenge MSK for the title next week at NXT Great American Bash.

Who do you think will walk out as holding the titles? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Also, keep an eye out for Rick Ucchino’s interview with Tommaso Ciampa, which will be uploaded next week on SportSkeeda Wrestling’s YouTube Channel.

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