Conor McGregor no longer an elite fighter but remains a tremendous promoter, claims Stephen A. Smith

ESPN analyst Stephen A. Smith believes Conor McGregor is no longer the fighter he once used to be. According to Smith, McGregor’s days as an elite fighter are well and truly over following back-to-back losses against Dustin Poirier.

Having said that, Smith also acknowledged that the losses haven’t led to a dearth of popularity for the Irishman. In fact, Smith believes McGregor can still sell any fight he wants to. At this point in time, Smith claims McGregor is ‘more of a marketing tool than a legitimate weapon inside the octagon.’

In a segment on Stephen A’s World, the famed analyst stated the following about Conor McGregor:

“The Conor McGregor of today is more marketing tool than a legitimate weapon inside the Octagon. McGregor is on record saying that unless someone knocks him out he doesn’t even see it as a defeat, that it means nothing to him. He can feel that way if he wants but everybody else, let’s just say we don’t track it that way. The UFC sure as hell doesn’t track it that way. Because on Conor McGregor’s official record he’s got losses listed in each of his last two fights, in three of his last four fights, in four of his last seven fights.”

Smith also heaped praise on ‘Notorious’ for his ability to sell fights:

“Conor McGregor, to be clear, is still as great as he ever was … at talking, at instigating, and promoting himself and his events. Make that moolah. And that’s nothing to sneeze at.”

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Conor McGregor sidelined for the year after suffering nasty injury at UFC 264

According to MMA journalist Al Dawson, Conor McGregor will be forced to sit on the sidelines for the remainder of 2021 due to his tibia-break at UFC 264. Should he choose, Conor McGregor could return to action starting January 2022. Read the full report below:

“JUST IN: Conor McGregor has been given a medical suspension until January 7, 2022, unless he receives orthopedic clearance of his fractured left leg. Minimum suspension for six weeks, and no contact (sparring) until early to mid August, as per the combat sports regulator MMA.”

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