Creepy stranger repeatedly  forces Twitch streamer to get into his car on livestream 

South- Korean streamer Jinnytty was recently put in a situation every woman dreads. The Twitch streamer was streaming while waiting for a cab to head to New York. She was then approached by a man asking her whether she needed a ride to the city. The internet influencer looked uncomfortable by the man and also jokingly silently screamed as she was trying to get rid of him.

In the video, we see a conversation take place between Jinnytty and the stranger. The man told Jinnytty not to take a cab because the cab drivers are “crazy.” He also said: “They like talk to you and shit, you want a normal person.”

Jinnytty was constantly declining his offer to travel with him, but the man remained persistent. At the end of the clip, we could see Jinnytty extremely uncomfortable and silently screaming.

Who is the Twitch streamer- Jinnytty?

The 28-year-old streamer is known for her Twitch online sessions. She has approximately 34,984 views. She began streaming actively in 2018 and became popular for her IRL and Just Chatting streams. During her IRL streams, we often see her traveling across the States.

Jennytty has acquired over 571k followers on the streaming platform. After becoming popular on Twitch, she also started her own YouTube channel where she also posts short stories of her Twitch streams on the highlights on the platform. The influencer has amassed 250k subscribers and has over 19 million views.

Becoming an internet star has become the dream of every netizen, since we learned that Kylie Jenner makes close to a million dollars per Instagram post. People now boast about their career as influencers, which is filled with brand sponsored trips, free gifts, the serotonin rush when you get more followers, and it is also the closest you will get to living the life of your favorite actor. But the job comes with its own cons.

Several Twitch streamers have had intruders break into their homes, passing inappropriate comments and fans expect nothing but perfection from them.

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