David Dobrik announces his own pizza company, “Doughbriks,” and the internet is not amused

Things seem to be looking better for David Dobrik. The prank mogul has come under fire in the past few months after being exposed for being involved in sexual assault allegations against fellow Vlog Squad member Durte Dom.

Fans were aware that the LA-based YouTuber wanted to open his own pizza company. It seems that dream is becoming a reality, and the 25-year-old also humorously named his company “Doughbriks.”

The pizza company is supposed to be a joint venture with his childhood friend Ilya Fedorovich, often seen in Dobrik’s vlogs.

In a now-deleted Instagram story, David Dobrik teased fans by showing them one of the pizzas that might be available. He said:

“We’ve been taste-testing pizzas for months, and we still have months to go, but here is one of the pizzas that we’re kind of getting closer on. I’m gonna show you.”

Dobrik then pointed towards a cheesy pizza that looked mouth-watering.

David Dobrik fired at for latest project

Once the controversial content creator shared the story on Instagram, several people on the internet were enraged to see him dip his toes in new projects as soon as he was back on YouTube.

Netizens went on to say things like: “free roofies available in every slice!” and “that’s such a great idea! Will they sell alcoholic beverages to minors with those pizzas?”

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Although David Dobrik was back on the internet just a month after “being canceled,” it did not mean that the alleged crime would be forgotten. A former fan recently attacked him in Miami, where they asked him who gave the girls alcohol on the night they were left with Dom.

Dobrik was caught off guard and exclaimed that he was asking him a crazy question. His assistant, Natalie Noel, went on to call security, claiming the former fan was harassing them.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

Returning to the internet with a massive teaser for Doughbriks might not have been a good idea for David Dobrik. Still, some loyal fans were also glad to see the online personality regularly posting stuff and taking on new projects.

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