Everything known about Inazuma’s Electro Archon, and her latest renders

Genshin Impact will soon release the new Inazuma region, and with it, the Electro Archon will surely make an appearance.

Baal, the Electro Archon, has been mentioned only briefly in Genshin Impact so far. Since she’s an archon, players expect Baal to debut as a playable character later on, and leaks suggest she will arrive as a polearm user. Furthermore, leaks have provided detailed renders that showcase the archon’s predicted character design.

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Baal’s backstory and leaked renders in Genshin Impact

Baal, known as both Raiden Shogun and the Electro Archon, rules over the Inazuma nation. Due to the leaks, Genshin Impact players expect miHoYo to release her as a playable character in a future update.

Based on different canonical descriptions, Baal may be a self-centered and prideful character. She takes the moniker of “The God of Eternity,” though her reign as the archon has lasted shorter than either Venti’s or Zhongli’s.

Baal’s history in Genshin Impact

For the most part, Baal’s backstory remains hidden. However, it’s known that she was not one of the original seven victors from the Archon War. Travelers still don’t know what happened to the Electro Archon before her, or how Baal assumed power, but these questions will likely be answered in Inazuma.

The most confirmed knowledge surrounding Baal concerns more recent events in the Teyvat storyline. Based on the Genshin Impact canon, Travelers are aware that Baal hasn’t granted an Electro Vision in an entire year.

Furthermore, about a year prior to the current moment in Genshin Impact, Baal issued the Vision Hunt Decree. Inazuma now persecutes Vision holders, consistently taking back the citizens’ Visions.

Kazuha and Baal from a leaked cutscene (image via Dimbreath)
Kazuha and Baal from a leaked cutscene (image via Dimbreath)

For reasons unknown, Baal now sees Visions as divine blessings that should only be used by the divine themselves. As such, she now offers the recaptured Visions to the statue of a god.

Supposedly, Baal wants to capture Kazuha in particular. He does, after all, hold a Vision, but it’s unclear whether Baal has another motivation to capture him.

Alongside the Vision Hunt Decree, Baal has closed off the Inazuma nation, preventing people from entering or leaving. However, according to the Genshin Impact Wiki, Baal knows about the Travelers, and expects to see them when they arrive in Inazuma.

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Baal’s character design in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Travelers are yet to meet Baal in-game, and miHoYo has only described her appearance by suggesting she uses a female vassal. However, several leakers have rendered Baal’s design.

A popular leaker, abc6, revealed a render of Baal as an NPC.

As abc64 points out, Baal’s NPC design may differ from her playable character design. Neither of the other archons have different character designs as NPCs, but Baal is a bit unique. She doesn’t hide her status as an archon, so it seems unlikely that Baal will appear any different as a playable character.

However, owing to that very unique attribute, leaks have suggested that Baal may have several different designs, so it wouldn’t be a surprise if she wears a few outfits in the main storyline.

Prior to abc64’s post, another popular leaker and fan artist in the Genshin Impact community, Lumie, leaked Baal renders. They’re nearly identical to abc64’s images, with perhaps a small difference in the length of her hair.

Notably, both abc64’s and Lumie’s renders show Baal with braided hair, differing from prior leaks. Naturally, some players have taken notice and are now questioning this change.

The explanation for the hairstyles may be rather simple. Baal is rumored to have a few different designs. So, she may wear her hair differently based on whether she wants to be seen as the Raiden Shogun or the Electro Archon.

Baal renders have been fairly consistent across multiple leakers, as is evident from abc64’s and Lumie’s posts. Because of this, players can be more confident that she will indeed resemble current predictions. Regardless, Baal’s official design is still unreleased, so she may appear differently in-game compared to the renders.

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