Former Champion wants to face Bryan and more in WWE NXT

Over the years, NXT has upgraded from a developmental show to WWE’s third brand. It has built its own legacy with many stars now being strongly associated with the Black and Gold banner. Names like Tommaso Ciampa, Adam Cole and Finn Balor have spent the majority of their WWE careers in NXT.

Another one of those names is Johnny Gargano, who signed with WWE in 2015 and has since been in NXT except for a few main roster appearances. Appearing on Busted Open Radio earlier this week, Johnny Gargano expressed his wish to face some of the top talent from the WWE Main roster. The former NXT Champion believes certain stars, including Daniel Bryan, would work well in NXT:

“You should be able to send guys from RAW and Smackdown to NXT. You brought up a guy like Cesaro. Trust me, we would love to have Cesaro,” Gargano said. “I think the dream matches you could get with Cesaro in NXT, they’re amazing. Cesaro is one of them. Obviously there’s a lot of guys that I’d like to work with as well, that I haven’t had the chance to yet. Guys like AJ Styles, guys like Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan was another guy on my list. Those three are the ones I get when I’m asked who I’d like to be in the ring with. So I would love if we’d start sending some guys to NXT. Who knows? I think Johnny Gargano vs. Cesaro on a TakeOver would be pretty wild.” [h/t Wrestling Inc]

Gargano is undoubtedly one of the premier stars of NXT and has proven his ability as a great in-ring performer time and again. Him sharing the ring with any of the aforementioned stars would be an enticing fixture for sure.

Johnny Gargano recently challenged for the WWE NXT Championship

Johnny Gargano
Johnny Gargano

Earlier this week on WWE NXT, Johnny Gargano faced off against Karrion Kross for the NXT Championship. The match had an added element as Samoa Joe was the Special Guest Referee for the match.

The match continuously went back and forth with tensions often rising between The Samoan Submission Machine and Kross. Despite being distracted with his issues with Joe, Kross was able to put down Gargano and successfully defend the WWE NXT Championship.

After the match was over, Kross locked in the Kross Jacket on Samoa Joe and choked him out. Where do you think this feud between Karrion Kross and Samoa Joe is heading? Sound off in the comments section below.

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