Former WWE Champion wants Punjabi Prison Match against Drew McIntyre

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has revealed that he would like to face Drew McIntyre in a Punjabi Prison Match.

The two superstars are currently involved in a feud on Monday Night RAW which began a couple of weeks ago. The Modern Day Maharaja competed in the last Punjabi Prison Match in WWE with ‘The Viper’ Randy Orton at Battleground 2017 which he won after being assisted by The Great Khali.

While speaking to El Brunch de WWE, Jinder Mahal reflected on his bout with Orton and stated that he wouldn’t mind having another match inside the dangerous structure with Drew McIntyre.

“So Great Khali actually designed the match,” said Mahal.” “He was supposed to be in the first one, he was actually in the second one ever and then I was in the third one and it’s a very vicious, brutal match. The Punjabi Prison is… hopefully, I don’t have to do it too many times in my career because going into the Punjabi Prison, you know you’re not gonna be the same person when you leave. That match takes everything out of you and Great Khali is the creator of the match and then when I was in the Punjabi Prison, Great Khali surprised everyone and made his return, so yeah, hopefully — you know what? I wouldn’t mind having Drew [McIntyre] in the Punjabi Prison.” (H/T POST Wrestling)

The Punjabi Prison Match is one of the rarest match types in WWE history, and it’s one of the most dangerous. But it’s still a visually impressive prop.

Drew McIntyre’s rivalry with Jinder Mahal in WWE

Drew McIntyre and Jinder Mahal have a history that dates back to their initial WWE tenure. They were part of a team with former WWE star Heath Slater known as 3MB and were both released by the company in 2014.

Following their return, both stars went on to become WWE Champions by defeating two major names. While their feud might not be gaining a lot of traction from fans right now, there is a lot of depth to it that makes it interesting.

The story is there, and all it takes is proper booking to make it work out. There’s currently no pencilled-in date for their big match, so it’s possible the bout will take place at SummerSlam. WWE might even grant Jinder Mahal’s request and make it a Punjabi Prison Match.

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