Groww App Glitch on 23 January: Resolved Issues & Updates

Popular investment platform Groww recently faced technical issues leading to outages and disruption of services on its app. The problems occurred during peak trading hours, preventing many users from accessing the platform and executing timely trades.

Why Groww App is not Working

On January 23rd, 2024, a large number of Groww customers took to social media to report problems logging in, loading errors, and incorrect balance displays on the Groww mobile app. The company acknowledged the technical disruptions and apologized for the inconvenience caused.

The app glitches had a significant impact, especially for day traders who rely on up-to-date market data and seamless order execution. Some users expressed concerns about potential financial losses resulting from the app issues during critical trading periods.

What are Common Reasons for Groww App Outages

Experts speculate that the sudden spike in traffic during peak hours may have overwhelmed Groww’s servers. With over 60 lakh active investors, scaling tech infrastructure to match user growth can be challenging.

Previous outages have also occurred during major market events or periodic settlement days when trade volumes surge. The high influx of requests can strain apps and cause temporary glitches.

Groww Apologizes for Technical Issues

Groww has apologized to users for a technical issue that has caused inconvenience. The company stated that its team is actively working to resolve the issue promptly. Groww expressed gratitude for users’ patience as they addressed this problem, assuring customers that normal operations would resume shortly. In a post on X, Groww directly responded to a user, stating “We apologize for the inconvenience. Our team is working to resolve a technical issue promptly. Your patience is appreciated and we’ll return to normal operations soon. Thank you for your understanding.”

Users can Face Issues

  • Inability to login into the app
  • Loading errors and crashes
  • Incorrect account balance display
  • Delays or failures in order execution
  • Inaccessibility to real-time market data
  • Potential financial losses due to untimely trades

Understandably, the technical problems caused a lot of frustration and panic among Groww’s large customer base of active traders and investors.

What Steps Did Groww Take to Fix the App Glitch

Groww quickly acknowledged the issue and reassured customers that their teams were working on resolving the problems. By 10:40 AM, the app had partially resumed services, although some users still encountered balance display discrepancies.

The company advised users to reinstall the app, switch to stable internet connections, restart devices, and re-login to help fix residual glitches. Users facing persistent problems were asked to contact Groww’s 24/7 customer support for further assistance.

Groww also apologized for the inconvenience and disruptions, while promising users that services would stabilize shortly.

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How to Contact Groww Customer Care

If problems persist after troubleshooting efforts, Groww customers can get help by:

  • Calling the 24/7 helpline at +91-9108800604
  • Emailing support queries to [email protected]
  • Checking for updates on Groww’s social media channels

What is the Latest Update on the Groww App Glitch?

As of the latest updates, Groww has resolved the major app issues that caused disruptions during peak trading hours on January 23rd. Services are expected to be fully stabilized shortly.

While frustrating, such issues may occasionally occur at fast-growing investment platforms. Groww has emphasized that their teams are working diligently to enhance infrastructure and prevent the recurrence of such glitches.

Users are requested to keep app versions updated and report any lingering discrepancies for prompt redressal. Groww has reassured customers that protecting their interests is a key priority.

The company has apologized again for the temporary disruption and expressed gratitude towards users for their patience and understanding during the app outage issues.

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