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How to catch shiny Dialga in Pokemon GO

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Shiny Dialga, the Pokemon representation of time, is making its way into Pokemon GO on July 23rd.

Even though Pokemon GO Fest 2021 has ended, there are clearly still more treats in store for Pokemon GO players. Dialga was the mascot of Pokemon Diamond – a game that soon will be getting a remake for the Nintendo Switch. This Pokemon will definitely be on a lot of trainers’ radars.

Generation IV legendary Pokemon gets a new shiny form in Pokemon GO

Shiny Dialga’s inclusion into the game is part of the Ultra Unlock that was associated with last month’s Collection Challenge. There will be three parts of this Ultra Unlock, and the theme for the first part is time (something often associated with Dialga). This event will last from July 23rd until August 3rd.

Like other legendaries in the game, shiny Dialga will be featured as a Tier 5 raid boss. Being lucky enough to find this rare shiny is one thing, but beating it is another. Dialga will certainly be one of the tougher raid bosses to defeat.

Dialga has a Defense stat of 211 and a Stamina of 205. Essentially, that means Pokemon won’t be doing lots of damage to it without using super effective moves. Dialga also has a high 275 Attack stat, so it will be doing huge damage in return.

There are several Dialga counters, but strong Fighting-types are probably the best bet. Pokemon like Lucario and Machamp typically do well against these bulkier Pokemon with the Steel typing.

Thankfully, Dialga isn’t the only shiny appearing in this first part of the Ultra Unlock. Cranidos and Shieldon will have shinies coming to the game as well. This is proving to be a great event for Generation IV fans.

The second part of Ultra Unlock is dedicated to the theme of space. This heavily hints that shiny Palkia will be the next tier 5 raid boss.

The legendary featured in part 3 of the Ultra Unlock has been a mystery. Some thought that it would be Giratina or Arceus, since both are Generation IV legendaries as well. Recently, though, this mystery may have been solved.

Observant Pokemon GO players may have noticed that, in the new loading screen on Pokemon GO, Hoopa can be seen in the sky. This could be a hint that Hoopa will be the legendary tied to part 3.

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