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How to change your region in Valorant Episode 3

Valorant (Image via Riot Games)

When Valorant was released, its aim was to be a competitive FPS game at its core. Valorant follows mechanics similar to those of CS:GO, with the slight twist of adding agents with various abilities.

To keep the competition the same for everyone, Valorant region locks its players. Being region locked means players from EU can only play with players from the EU region and no other.

The reason for Riot Games’ decision on region locking players is only to give players optimum latency throughout the region. However, if a player chooses to play in another region, it is certainly possible to do so.

How to play Valorant on another region’s server

For instance, if a player creates a Valorant account in North America, the player will be assigned to the North American region, preventing that player from playing in other regions. To bypass the region assignment, players need to follow some steps in order to play on other servers.

Once a server is assigned to a player, it is difficult to change their default region. It can’t be done with the flip of a switch. The player would need to create a new account altogether. The steps for creating a new account with another region assignment are as follows:

  • Download a VPN software and install it. The VPN software will be used only while registering for the Valorant account.
  • Choose the desired region on the VPN.
  • After connecting to the VPN, go to Riot Games’ website and create a new Riot account.
  • On creating the new account, the region connected to the VPN will be assigned to the player.

A high ping would be the only issue while playing the game due to the player living far away from their chosen region.

It is also to be kept in mind that this account creation can also count as smurfing, and the player could face a ban.

Players can also choose to change their region by contacting Riot for their Valorant region transfer, but the player must have a fair reason to do so. Using this method means that the player will be stuck in their new region, and they will not be able to return to their original region in the future.

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