How to dry kelp in Minecraft

In Minecraft, drying a little kelp can provide players with a helpful snack for Survival Mode or even a building material (by forming the dried kelp into a block).

Drying kelp in Minecraft is super easy. All it requires is an interactable block capable of cooking it and a little fuel.

Kelp can be dried within a furnace, smoker, or bonfire. Players can create dried kelp by placing kelp in the appropriate cooking slot and then adding any form of fuel (wood, coal, lava, etc.). The kelp will dry from the heat source.

Dried kelp can be consumed to gain one hunger point in Survival Mode. Filling a crafting grid with nine pieces of dried kelp can also create a dried kelp block.

More info about dry kelp blocks in Minecraft

Dried kelp blocks in Minecraft can be used in different ways (Image via Mojang)
Dried kelp blocks in Minecraft can be used in different ways (Image via Mojang)

Players who have turned their dried kelp into blocks should know a few interesting facts about them. Apart from decoration, dried kelp blocks have many other uses in Minecraft.

Here’s a breakdown of some facts about dried kelp blocks in Minecraft:

  • Unlike hay bale blocks, dried kelp blocks do not change their facing depending on placement.
  • A dried kelp block can be used as a fuel source. Its burning time is currently 200 seconds, enough to smelt or cook 20 items. This is two-and-a-half times longer than coal or charcoal, though it burns only a fourth as long as a block of coal. Dried kelp blocks can be used as fuel in many different appliances, including furnaces, smokers, and bonfires.
  • Dried kelp blocks can be used in composting, with a 50% chance when used to increase the level of a composter in Minecraft by one level. However, this is not the most economical means to compost kelp, as stacks of standard dried kelp provide more bang for one’s buck.
  • Minecraft villagers that are expert-level butchers will buy dried kelp blocks ten at a time for one Emerald, giving players some extra trading avenues.
  • Though dried kelp blocks can be broken fairly easily, the fastest tool to break them with is a hoe.

Dried kelp may not be the best food item in Minecraft, and some players may not care for its uses in decoration. However, this particular material can be helpful in a pinch. Depending on the player’s seed or situation, one might never know when this dried sea plant could help out in a significant way.

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