How to gain access to the New World Closed Beta on July 20

New World, Amazon’s own fully-fledged MMO title, is set to release in late August, but there will be a beta test that players can join as early as July 20.

Players may be wondering if Amazon has what it takes to release the next big MMO. However. the previews already look promising for New World, with some reviewers praising the depth of the crafting mechanics and comparing the combat system to that of Dark Souls, and the affirmation of potential has only left players expectantly waiting to join the game.

The beta test for New World is right around the corner, and it is set to begin on July 20, 2021. It will begin at the same time worldwide depending on the timezone that players are in. For reference, the New World beta will release at 9:30 PST or 12:30 EST. Players will have about two weeks to try it out and provide feedback to the developers of the game.

However, the New World beta is not open and players will need to find a way in, but readers can rest assured that there are a couple of methods to do so.

How to access the New World beta on July 20

There are two essential methods of joining the New World beta when it releases on July 20, 2021. Most players will likely be looking for a free method so that they can test the game out before investing, and there is one way to attempt to gain free access.

Players can head to the New World website where they will find a section for testers. An option to sign up as a beta tester will be available for anyone to fill out, provided they sign up with Amazon. There is a catch though, and it’s that only some of these players will be invited through the sign up. It will be free, but testers who sign up are not guaranteed access during the beta period.

For players that are looking for a guaranteed method, there’s one available, but it’s going to cost some money to get in. Any player who pre-orders New World will have access to the beta on July 20. Both editions of the game will give players access to the beta. With the Amazon edition, players may need to wait a day or two to receive access, and the Steam version of the game will grant instant access.

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