How to get free gun skins and emotes in Garena Free Fire

Garena’s Free Fire is one of the top-rated games in the battle royale genre, offering high-quality graphics and BR experience. Players can enjoy the game smoothly, even on low-end devices.

The developers release lots of astonishing gun skins and emotes at regular intervals. These items help make gamer’s Free Fire profiles look cooler. Emotes are also a great source of entertainment among teammates.

Tips to get free gun skins and emotes in Free Fire

1) Elite Pass

The Elite Pass free rewards
The Elite Pass free rewards

The Elite Pass is one of the cheapest sources in Free Fire to get hold of the best gun skins and emotes. However, players must note that they have to purchase diamonds to upgrade to the Elite Pass.

Free Fire’s developers add lots of colorful weapon skins and emotes for free in each season’s Elite Pass to increase user engagement. Gamers can get lots of Elite Pass crates by completing Elite Pass missions, thus rewarding them with free gun skins and emotes.

2) Redeem codes

Redeem code rewards in Free Fire
Redeem code rewards in Free Fire

Redeem codes are also an excellent source for getting free gun skins and emotes in Free Fire. Garena offers lots of redeem codes for players on their social media handles from time to time.

Gamers can use these codes to redeem weapon skins and emotes without any diamonds or real money in the title. To do this, they have to stay updated about when a redeem code will become available. Moreover, most of these codes are user-limited or time-limited.

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3) In-game events

Free Fire in-game events
Free Fire in-game events

Garena also releases lots of in-game events where players are rewarded with various items. There are some easy tasks in these events which they can easily complete.

Upon completing the task, users are rewarded with various in-game items that they can use to redeem gun skins and emotes. They need to keep an eye on these events to get themselves free skins of weapons like assault rifles, shotguns, and sniper rifles.

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