How to make a potion of regeneration in Minecraft

Potions, added as part of the 0.12.1 update, have been around in Minecraft for a long time. They can be extremely helpful and often vital to accomplishing things. Potions of slow falling are extremely helpful when fighting the Ender Dragon or exploring the End. Potions of fire resistance are really useful when traveling in the Nether. Potions of water breathing are vital to defeating the Guardian and exploring an Ocean Monument.

Making a potion of regeneration in Minecraft

For starters, one of the most necessary items is the brewing stand. These can be crafted but require blaze rods, which can sometimes be difficult to come by. The recipe for a Minecraft brewing stand is simple: three cobblestones and one blaze rod. They can also be found commonly in villages, so long as they have a cleric’s house.

Minecraft cleric house. Image via Windows Central
Minecraft cleric house. Image via Windows Central

While that is very convenient, it doesn’t ultimately remove a trip to the Nether for potions. The next item needed is Netherwart. This can be found in Nether fortresses and can be replanted and grown in the overworld with soul sand. Blaze rods are also needed, not just for brewing stands, for fuel, similar to coal in a furnace. These need to be crafted into blaze powder first. Finally, water bottles are the last item to get and the easiest.

The first step is to make awkward potions in Minecraft. Awkward potions are made with water bottles (up to three in the brewing stand at a time) and nether wart. The blaze powder just stays in the brewing stand to fuel it. Once that’s complete, replace the nether wart with whatever item is needed to make the particular potion (phantom membranes for slowfalling, pufferfish for water breathing and etc.). In this instance, players will need a ghast tear, which also has to be acquired in the Nether.

Place the ghast tear in place of the Netherwart and it will brew the potion. After that’s done, other things can be done to either extend or change the form of the potion.

Potions. Image via CodaKid
Potions. Image via CodaKid

Gunpowder can be used to make the potion longer or redstone to make it a splash potion (throwable) in Minecraft.

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