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“I miss those guys a ton”

When will Big E reunite with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods in WWE?

The most shocking moment of last year’s WWE Draft was the separation of The New Day, sending Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods to RAW while Big E remained on SmackDown.

Vicente Beltrán of ViBe & Wrestling recently sat down with Big E to discuss all things WWE. When asked if he would rather reunite with his friends or continue his singles career, Big E believes he can do both.

“I think we can do both,” Big E said. “I’d love to be on the same show together. I miss those guys a ton, but I think much like Kofi was able to pursue his single stuff while the three of us were on the same show. I’d love to do that, and I think the beautiful thing is it just gives us options like we can have if we wanted to we can have a backstage promo or segment where we say: ‘Hey Kofi and Woods, I appreciate you guys, but I’m gonna handle my business, and you guys handle your business, and when the time is right we’ll come back together.”

Big E thinks New Day can unite on the same brand while he continues his solo career

Big E believes that by being on the same brand, there is a lot the three of them can do together without necessarily having to tag up all the time. Big E points to a feud between The New Day and The Bloodline as a perfect example.

“I think that’s an easy way to separate us, and I was still on the same show,” Big E continued. “But then when you need to, you can come back, and you can do six-man tags you can do tag team matches we can all come back and be in the same storyline together, we can do something like work the bloodline like have a feud with Roman and The Usos you know I think it just makes us so multiple is having all three of us on the same show just gives you so many opportunities to tell some unique stories, and I think that’s one thing that we’ve missed being on different shows.”

Would you like to see Big E reunite with Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods soon? Which brand would you prefer to see The New Day on? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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