“I’m not DC Jake, I’ve got little to lose”

Former UFC fighter turned bare-knuckle boxer Chris Leben has issued a warning to Jake Paul should they cross paths while in attendance at UFC 264. Paul made a big impression the last time he made an appearance at a UFC event, getting into a heated argument with former light heavyweight and heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

DC’s commentary responsibilities stopped the confrontation from escalating to anything more than verbal exchanges. However, Chris Leben has stated that should he and Paul come into contact, he has no such commitments holding him back. In a post to this Twitter account, Leben wrote:

“I don’t always curse but when I do. It’s f*** @jakepaul. That’s why they created this token http://fjake.com his b**t ass gonna get me paid one way or another. I’m not DC Jake, I’ve got little to lose. See you tonight boy. #UFC264.”

Chris Leben not a fan of Jake Paul

The aforementioned post by Chris Leben was in response to a video posted by Jake Paul, where the YouTuber-turned-boxer showed off a $100,000 custom chain with a model of Conor McGregor being knocked out hanging off the end.

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The video that Leben attached to the post further made it clear his thoughts on Jake Paul.

“What up everybody, Crippler, Chris Leben here. And as a real fighter, I got one message for ya’ll. F*** Jake Paul,” said Leben.

Over the past two years, Jake Paul has become one of the most talked-about figures in combat sports. His brash personality and blatant disrespect to everyone around him has generated vast amounts of interest in his fights.

Paul currently holds a pro boxing record of 3-0, having finished all three opponents. It is notable, however, that none of his opponents were actual boxers. He competed against AnEsonGib, a fellow YouTuber, Nate Robinson, a former NBA player, and Ben Askren, a former MMA fighter. While Askren had the most combat sports experience, he had always been a wrestler foremost during his MMA career, and it showed when Paul knocked him out in the first round.

Chris Leben may be attempting to generate fan interest behind a potential matchup between him and Paul. However, Paul’s next opponent has already been confirmed, with former UFC champion Tyron Woodley stepping up to face the YouTuber.

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