Is the new Switch OLED worth it?

Nintendo has finally announced their next updated model of the Nintendo Switch, and it’s called the Switch OLED. Many fans have been eagerly awaiting the announcement since the news broke, but is it worth picking up?

Before fans and Switch players decide if the Switch OLED is for them, the most important aspect to note is the new specs on the console. Although there aren’t massive changes to the console, there is a small list of enhancements that have improved the Switch in different ways.

The biggest attraction is in the name of the Switch OLED, which is an OLED screen with a 7-inch display on the console.

This is an improvement over the standard screen for the Nintendo Switch console. Other improvements are essentially quality of life upgrades for the console itself.

One of those includes double the standard storage space which will be up to 64 GB in total. This boost is one of the biggest additions considering how little storage there is for players to utilize.

On top of the boost to storage, there is a wider back stand, better audio for portable play, and a wired ethernet port for the console. Overall, the Switch OLED improves on slight features that were already available.

Should fans buy the Switch OLED and why is there any controversy?

There is an easy way to decide whether or not the Switch OLED is a good purchase. For anyone that already owns a Nintendo Switch, the OLED with its smaller upgrades is almost certainly not worth buying an entirely new console over.

Though the upgrade to the screen and storage is nice, the hardware is the same as the older versions.

If someone is looking to purchase a Switch but has never owned one, then the Switch OLED is an obvious decision, even if just for additional storage. At $350, the price points aren’t that different when compared to the upgrades.

Many fans were hoping that the new Switch was going to have massive hardware improvements such as a 4K resolution and the possibility of an Nvidia graphics card upgrade. Of course, the announcement that fans got was nowhere near their expectations, but Nintendo never promised on that front.

There appears to be a lot of backlash at how little there was to improve on the Switch OLED, but much of it stems from buying into rumors about what to expect. Fans of the Switch should simply decide whether the upgrade is worth it for them or not.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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