“Israel hits tremendously hard”- Eugene Bareman marvels at Israel Adesanya’s punching power

Israel Adesanya, in his fight against Jan Blachowicz, truly stunned the Pole and several fans with his striking. His trainer Eugene Bareman recently opened up about the same as he lauded the punch that ‘The Last Stylebender’ packs.

In an interview, Bareman talked up Israel Adesanya’s ability to trade punches. Boasting a record of 21-1, ‘The Last Stylebender’ picked up 15 of those wins via KO/TKO. This only bolsters the claims that Bareman made.

“I mean Israel hits tremendously hard, phenomenally hard. Like is Israel a guy that ever gets the chance to sit down on his punches. You’d see entire brackets of fights, like five or six fights where he’ll never do that. But if Israel sits down on a punch and is willing to mitigate all the risk and put himself in harm’s way a little bit; no middleweight ain’t going to be able to stand up to that,”said Eugene Bareman.

Eugene Bareman details Israel Adesanya’s fighting style

Often lauded for his calm and composed mindset inside the octagon, Israel Adesanya is perhaps the most careful yet vicious fighter. Hardly ever seen going blow for blow, ‘The Last Stylebender’ prefers to pick his shots and make them count.

Adesanya is often reluctant to rely on a particular facet of combat: boxing, wrestling or kickboxing; the Kiwi likes to maintain balance. Bareman offered fans his two cents on the same, saying:

“He’s an assassin, he’s a sniper. He uses other means to inflict damage on his opponents. When you get into these larger weight categories, these guys can hit. But Israel can generate a lot of force. It’s just not his fighting style to do so.”

Jan Blachowicz is one of many fighters who can corroborate this claim. In the aftermath of their UFC 259 scrap, the Pole admitted that Israel Adesanya kicked much harder than he expected. Although it was not enough to earn him the W, it stands to reason that fighters should err on the side of caution while facing ‘The Last Stylebender.’

Bareman also spoke about Adesanya’s dominance over his division and why UFC middleweights can’t seem to understand his fighting style.

Watch the entire interview below:

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