JT Shares A Note About Her Personal Growth On Instagram

There’s a time and a place for everything, and today seems like it wasn’t the time for JT to address any drama. Earlier today, a video surfaced online of a fan attempting to give JT her cell phone right before she started rapping her verse during a live performance. In the video, JT was seen mouthing, “I’m performing, “ and quickly rolled her eyes. The folks online quickly shared their opinion about her actions, as the video the Twitter timeline. One commented, “I give the City Girls two more years with the way JT carries on. I hope Caresha already got other s**t set to the side to do.”

Instead of JT directly responding to the backlash like she normally does on Twitter, she didn’t. It appears that her page is gone at the moment. However, the “Twerkulator” rapper’s Instagram is still active, and she took to her story to seemingly respond by sharing a lengthy note. “The things I’ve been through built me up to survive no matter who leaves! Be brave no matter who challenges me! Be confident no matter who says I shouldn’t! Adapt if I have to when I’m put in places to fold or break and also let people know when they have me fu**ed up!”

She continued writing that even though she is a celebrity, her status has not changed and that people often build hate off of lack of knowledge or wanting access that they can’t have to you. Finally, she ended the note by saying people hate what they don’t understand!

JT received some support from her fans in our comments. One of the Roommates wrote,” You don’t explain yourself to strangers.” Another wrote, “People just be haters for no reason.”

Thought Roomies?

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