Justin Fields meets gunshot victim who survived to see him play

For some fans, their team is enough to keep living for.

At least this was the case for Chicago resident Scott Morrow, who was shot in the back last month as he walked down the street.

As he rode in an ambulance to the hospital, he kept holding on for the thought of Bears rookie quarterback Justin Fields, who he believes will be the best Chicago quarterback he’s ever seen.

“Within a couple moments, I thought well, I’m 41, pretty much all of Chicago has gone our whole lives without even having great prospects for a franchise quarterback, I can’t die before seeing Justin Fields take the field,” Morrow said on 670 The Score. “I don’t plan to die before he’s a Hall of Famer.”

When Fields heard the news, he and his family visited Morrow as he recovered.

“Just met Bears rookie QB and future Hall of Famer @justnfields (as well as his lovely parents)! I can’t believe they came out to to visit a little ol’ gunshot victim,” he wrote.

Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields throws
Justin Fields has already given Bears fans plenty to hope for.
AP Photo

According to Morrow’s GoFundMe page, he has a ways to go until he is fully healed. In addition to the gunshot wound, he had to have his spleen and a kidney removed and has additional damage to his abdomen, stomach and pancreas.

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