Kenny Omega on how his time with AEW has affected his career

It feels like just yesterday AEW came into existence. In just a little over two years, Kenny Omega and the rest of the AEW roster have made great strides in growing their new pro wrestling company.

Kenny Omega was recently a guest on Wrestling Observer Radio to discuss all things AEW. When the subject of AEW Dynamite approaching its two-year anniversary came up, Omega was asked what the last two years of AEW have been like, and he admitted that while things are incredibly rewarding, the process has aged him as well.

“It went by in a blink of an eye,” Kenny Omega admitted. “I feel like maybe it has aged me and my career a little bit. I feel like it’s taken more years of my career than it should have when I thought it would be the opposite. I thought that maybe American television wrestling would have been easier on me, my body, and everything. But it’s the same, it’s a different brand of punishment that you bring upon yourself, but everything’s really rewarding too. Not only am I learning new skills that contribute to pro wrestling, but I’m able to dip my toes in various other projects as well.”

Kenny Omega says the new skills he’s learning as part of AEW are very rewarding

Kenny Omega went on to talk about the AEW console game he’s currently in charge of overseeing and things like that he would have never been able to do in Japan.

“One of the huge ones for me is being the head of the creative design for our console and PC video game coming out, and you know that keeps me real busy,” Kenny Omega continued. “Of course, agenting is another thing. I’m able to attempt and try a lot of things that I never could have done in Japan, not because I was disallowed but just the opportunity wasn’t there, or you know maybe the style didn’t call for it, or we didn’t run a conventional live television product. So being here and being a part of AEW and the team is really allowed me to take on new challenges, and I guess that always keeps things interesting and exciting.”

Are you surprised that working with AEW has taken more years off Kenny Omega’s pro wrestling career? How much longer do you expect The Best Bout Machine to be an in-ring competitor? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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