How To link:

Loader Instructions:

  • Download loader
  • Begin Battlefield and ensure the game is set to run in “Borderless or windowed mode.”
  • Presently close game
  • Begin loader as administrator
  • Enter your key
  • Trust that infusion will finish
  • Begin the game
  • The menu should show in 2-3 minutes
  • The menu button is “Addition.”
  • Use bolt keys to explore the menu link:
  • On the off chance that everything is correct, you should see “Name of Game” at the extreme upper left of your screen.
  • Have a great time!!

Fixes and Solutions for loader issues:

  • Ensure Windows antivirus is off
  • Any remaining antiviruses should be uninstalled
  • Handicap App and Browser Control
  • Handicap Exploit assurance
  • Lower UAC Minimum
  • Uninstall FaceIT Anti-Cheat and Vanguard

Introduce link:

  • Ensure secure boot is off
  • Ensure quick boot is off

Issues with menu not appearing:

Kindly twofold check friction overlay is ENABLED

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