Mansi “Magsplay” Gupta, content creator at OpraahFX

Battlegrounds Mobile India has finally got its official launch, and the nation’s mobile esports community can do little to contain their excitement.

Just a couple of hours after its release, the game was able to amass millions of downloads, with even Krafton going as far as to confirm that the game had over 40 million pre-registrations on the Play Store alone.

Although the game is yet to have its iOS launch, many content creators and online personalities have boarded the hype wagon, and have been very vocal about their experience with Battlegrounds Mobile India so far. And with anticipation reaching its peak, the online community has seen a lot of content around Battlegrounds Mobile India.

When it comes to content about Battlegrounds Mobile India, OpraahFX’s Mansi “Magsplay” Gupta is right up there with the best, and she feels that Krafton’s latest title is most definitely living up to the hype that early beta access was able to generate.

Mansi “Magsplay” Gupta on Battlegrounds Mobile India

Magsplay is one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in India. Though known primarily for her GTA V content, she has branched out into other games as well, and Battlegrounds Mobile India has very recently been one of them.

In her conversation with Abhishek Mallick of Sportskeeda Esports, Mansi seemed quite elated with the game finally getting its official launch.

She commented,

“Battlegrounds Mobile India has been finally officially launched for the android/play store users, but we are still waiting for its release on iStore/apple devices. Initially, people had suspected that BGMI might or might not get as much buzz as PUGB used to get during its core time. However, it is very evident that it still has so much buzz around it. Streamers are still getting 100K/200K watching when they stream BGMI. This is insane!”

Indeed, Battleground Mobile India’s early beta access was incredibly successful, and it created an incredible amount of hype and expectation in the community.

She continued,

“People are still equally excited to get their hands on BGMI. So, yes people do have the same excitement that they used to have for PUBG. I think the difference that I see between PUBG and BGMI is that the latter is more customized for Indian users or gamers. Which to me seems like a very interesting move.”

“Also, a couple of changes that I noticed were – age restriction, along with a warning at the beginning of the game. So, I think BGMI is definitely trying to be more Indian and kids-friendly because Krafton does know that that a huge chunk of their player base is under 18.”

With so many online personalities and content creators already heaping praise on Battlegrounds Mobile India, the game is gearing up to have a massive impact on the nation’s esports scene.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul

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