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Minecraft star Dream shares a wholesome message of appreciation for TommyInnit as latter completes one year on the Dream SMP

Dream x TommyInnit continue to win hearts online

Two of the most popular Minecraft streamers in the world, Dream and Thomas “TommyInnit” Simons recently won hearts online with their wholesome Twitter exchange.

The latter recently took to Twitter to mark the one-year anniversary of him joining the famed Dream SMP, a decision which has worked wonders for his thriving career that continues to scale new heights with each passing month.

In his tweet, TommyInnit not only thanked Dream for having him on the server but also cheekily referenced his pronounced proclivity towards “griefing” from time to time.

In response, Dream came up with a heartwarming reply as he heaped praise on the 17-year old Minecraft Manchild, replete with a stellar display of wholesome camaraderie.

In light of the popular Minecraft duo’s memorable interaction, Twitter was soon abuzz with a slew of reactions as fans gushed over their enviable friendship.

Dream wins hearts online, as he praises TommyInnit on the latter’s one-year anniversary on the Dream SMP

Over the course of their respective careers, TommyInnit and Dream have risen to become two potent forces in streaming. Having successfully entertained fans with their wholesome camaraderie, which often revolves around the former taking jibes at the latter, the duo’s popularity has only grown from strength to strength over the last couple of months.

Be it relentlessly teasing one another on Twitter or engaging in hilarious banter both off and on stream, their status as one of Minecraft’s most entertaining duos today is well-established and can seldom be questioned.

With regards to TommyInnit, his streaming career has received a major shot in the arm ever since he joined the Dream SMP.

From dominating viewership charts on a regular basis to leaving fans in splits with his characteristic exuberancy and unmatched wit, the 17-year old has found himself in the midst of a prolonged purple patch of late.

In light of TommyInnit’s one-year anniversary on Dream SMP, scores of fans were joined by popular streamers such as Karl Jacobs, Snifferish and more. They praised his meteoric rise and unparalleled growth as a wholesome, multi-faceted streamer.

With the duo’s recent display of friendship winning hearts yet again, it looks like their uncanny knack of striking a resonant chord with their army of fans across the globe remains gloriously intact. The latter just can’t seem to get enough of priceless Dream x TommyInnit content.

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