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The snowman in Animal Crossing can be a wonderful addition to an island. Nothing completes a snow day like building a snowman, so in Animal Crossing, building one on a snowy island can be the cherry on top to a perfect island.

There are some caveats to building snowmen, and they’re not just built with snow on the ground. Here’s everything on snowmen in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Snowman in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Snowmen in Animal Crossing are a really fun feature. There’s one key caveat, though. Snowmen can only be built in the winter, which makes sense because that’s when snow would fall and allow people to make them (though some places are cold enough for longer).

For the Northern Hemisphere players, the dates that snowmen can be built are from December 11th to February 25th. In the Southern Hemisphere, Animal Crossing players can take advantage of the snow from June 11th to February 24th.

Winter in Animal Crossing. Image via Pinterest
Winter in Animal Crossing. Image via Pinterest

Snowballs will fall in the town on an island two to three times a day in winter. Players can collect these to start building whenever they find them. Snowballs are small, but after rolling them around in snow they will gradually get pretty big.

If a snowball hits something too hard or falls into a hole, though, it will be lost forever.

When the snowballs are the appropriate size, meaning one big enough to hold the other, players can push them together and the smaller one will be pushed on top. The snowman will then be able to talk and interact with players similar to another villager.

If the player puts together a shoddy snowman, the snowman will let them know.

The snowman will then remain for a few days, shrinking each day, before melting away entirely. This is pretty much exactly what happens with any real life snowman, too.

Players will receive a Snowman item from the snowman after it melts. They will never receive a duplicate because the snowman is sentient and somehow knows all the items the players do and don’t have.

Frozen set. Image via Nooks Treasures
Frozen set. Image via Nooks Treasures

Making the perfect snowman in New Horizons will reward players with large snowflakes and a DIY recipe for items in the Frozen set. The perfect snowman has one ball at the maximum size and the other half the size of the first one.

Is the snowman one of the best seasonal additions?

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