Niantic joins forces with Try Guys and Google Play

Niantic are going to great lengths to make Pokemon GO Fest 2021 as special as possible, as evidenced by their team-up with Google Play and Try Guys.

This comes in addition to all the other big treats Pokemon GO has announced recently. Niantic will be honoring Pokemon GO fest with a raid day in which every legendary Pokemon in the game will be available to battle and catch in raids.

It’s a great time to be a Pokemon GO player since, not only is it Pokemon GO Fest, but also the fifth year anniversary of the game. Here are the details on their partnering with Try Guys and Google Play.

What have Try Guys planned for Pokemon GO Fest 2021?

To get trainers prepared for Pokemon GO Fest 2021, Try Guys are hosting a Choose Your Adventure training session. This experience will let players choose between three focuses: fitness, music, or exploration.

What makes this event really special is that the Try Guys won’t be alone. Several popular faces from the Pokemon GO community will be leading these training sessions. Fans may recognize names like Trainer Tips, who will be helping out with the music session, or Mystic 7, leader of the exploration segment.

On top of that, Niantic is offering trainers the bountiful gift of three free months of YouTube Premium. This feature will allow fans to watch or listen to content for long periods without any advertisements.

The Try Guys are a group of four content creators who started their work on Buzzfeed. They have since transitioned over to YouTube, where they gained a massive following by trying everything. Their work goes as far back as 2014.

Yet another opportunity trainers can take advantage of during Pokemon GO Fest is the extra Google Play points. Trainers will earn 4x Google Play points on all purchases that are made on the app.

Players who use an Android phone will be extra lucky during this event as they will receive a special gift at the start of Pokemon GO Fest.

This gift will include incense, a super incubator, and a whopping 30 Ultra Balls. Niantic have truly left no stone unturned in their desire to ensure Pokemon GO Fest 2021 is a roaring success.

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