Olympic soccer standings 2021: Updated tables, scores, results from women’s tournament

The group stage of the 2021 Olympic women’s soccer tournament will see eight teams survive and advance to the quarterfinals, keeping their dreams alive of winning a gold medal in Tokyo.

The 12 nations vying for Olympic glory were split into three groups of four teams each, labeled Groups E-G to avoid confusion with the men’s tournament Groups A-D. The top two finishers automatically receive a berth into the quarters and the two best third-place teams will join them to round out the elite group of eight.

How the women’s Olympic soccer group stage works

The four opponents in each group will face off in a classic round-robin format over three matchdays: July 21, July 24 and July 27, with teams earning three points for a win, one for a draw and none in the case of a loss.

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At the end of the final matchday on July 27, the final standings will determine each team’s fate. The position in the group will either lock a team into a specific quarterfinal matchup, or send some countries packing for an early trip home.

If teams are even on points, predetermined tiebreakers will be used one-by-one until all ties are broken. If there’s still a deadlock between two or more teams after the sixth tiebreaker, FIFA will draw lots (i.e., pull a name out of a hat). Here’s the order of tiebreakers, as detailed in the official tournament rules:

  1. Superior goal difference in all group matches
  2. Most goals scored in all group matches
  3. Most points obtained in group matches between teams that are tied
  4. Superior goal difference in group matches between teams that are tied
  5. Most goals scored in all group matches between teams that are tied
  6. Best conduct score based on yellow/red cards received in all group matches
  7. Drawing of lots by FIFA

The two best third-place teams are determined based on the same tie-breaking mechanisms, though tiebreakers Nos. 3-5 don’t apply for obvious reasons.

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Women’s Olympic soccer standings & schedule

The group standings and schedules follow below and will be updated as the tournament progresses.

(PTS=Points, GP=Games Played, W=Wins, L=Losses, D=Draws, GF=Goals For, GA=Goals Against (Conceded), GD=Goal Difference)

Group E standings

Great Britain00000000

Group E schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Wed, July 21Great Britain vs. Chile3:30 a.m.Olympic Channel, UniversofuboTV
Wed, July 21Japan vs. Canada6:30 a.m.NBCSN, UniversofuboTV
Sat, July 24Chile vs. Canada3:30 a.m.TelemundofuboTV
Sat, July 24Japan vs. Great Britain6:30 a.m.N/A
Tues, July 27Chile vs. Japan7 a.m.UniversofuboTV
Tues, July 27Canada vs. Great Britain7 a.m.N/A

Group F standings


Group F schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Wed, July 21China vs. Brazil4 a.m.NBCSNfuboTV
Wed, July 21Zambia vs. Netherlands7 a.m.Olympic ChannelfuboTV
Sat, July 24China vs. Zambia4 a.m.N/A
Sat, July 24Netherlands vs. Brazil7 a.m.UniversofuboTV
Tues, July 27Netherlands vs. China7:30 a.m.N/A
Tues, July 27Brazil vs. Zambia7:30 a.m.TelemundofuboTV

Group G standings

New Zealand00000000

Group G schedule

DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Wed, July 21Sweden vs. USA4:30 a.m.USA Network, TelemundofuboTV
Wed, July 21Australia vs. New Zealand7:30 a.m.USA NetworkfuboTV
Sat, July 24Sweden vs. Australia4:30 a.m.NBCSNfuboTV
Sat, July 24New Zealand vs. USA7:30 a.m.NBCSN, TelemundofuboTV
Tues, July 27New Zealand vs. Sweden4 a.m.N/A
Tues, July 27USA vs. Australia4 a.m.USA Network, TelemundofuboTV


DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Fri, July 30QF 1: E2 vs. F24 a.m.NBCSNfuboTV
Fri, July 30QF 2: E1 vs. F3/G35 a.m.TBDfuboTV
Fri, July 30QF 3: G1 vs. E3/F36 a.m.NBCSNfuboTV
Fri, July 30QF 4: F1 vs. G27 a.m.NBCSNfuboTV


DateMatchTime (ET)TV channelsStream
Mon, Aug. 2Semifinal 1: QF 1 winner vs. QF 4 winner4 a.m.USA NetworkfuboTV
Mon, Aug. 2Semifinal 2: QF 2 winner vs. QF 3 winner7 a.m.USA NetworkfuboTV

Bronze-medal match

DateMatchTimeTV channelsStream
Thurs, Aug. 5Bronze: Semifinal losers4 a.m.USA NetworkfuboTV

Gold-medal match

DateMatchTimeTV channelsStream
Thurs, Aug. 5Gold/silver: Semifinal winners10 p.m.USA NetworkfuboTV

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