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Peyton Manning bounces first pitch at MLB All-Star Game

Peyton Manning bounces first pitch at MLB All-Star Game

Peyton Manning continues to have throwing issues in Denver. The former Broncos quarterback threw out the first pitch at the 2021 MLB All-Star Game at Coors Field on Tuesday and … failed to make it to the catcher on the fly.

Where does Manning’s first pitch attempt rank among the all-time worsts? You can decide.

OK, fine, we’ll weigh in a little bit. Manning’s toss was nowhere near as embarrassing as 50 Cent’s or Mariah Carey’s attempts. In fact, it wasn’t really all that bad. Sure, it was short of the target, but it made it there.

The only reason we’re picking on Manning is because he is famous for throwing things. Manning made 14 Pro Bowls and took home 5 MVP awards during his Hall of Fame football career. You need arm strength and accuracy to throw 539 touchdowns.

Peyton Manning got tips from Shohei Ohtani before first pitch

Throwing a football and throwing a baseball are two different things, but it’s not like Manning was completely unprepared. He did get some pointers from starting pitcher and designated hitter Shohei Ohtani before the contest.

Either that or Ohtani was hinting at his next challenge: Becoming an All-Pro quarterback in the NFL. Given everything else Ohtani has done this season, we wouldn’t doubt him.

Peyton Manning won a Super Bowl with the Broncos

Peyton Manning’s first pitch bounced before it got to the plate. (Photo By John Leyba/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

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