Pokemon GO: Best moveset for Mandibuzz

With the banned Pokemon in Great League Remix Season 8, trainers will be looking for less obvious options like Mandibuzz.

It may not be as dominant as Umbreon, but Mandibuzz has great stats for Great League. The 129 Attack may look underwhelming, but Mandibuzz compensates for it’s low power with 205 Defense and 242 Stamina. It’s also really difficult to deal with the combination of Dark and Flying. To use this Pokemon well, though, trainers are definitely going to want to pair it with something that can deal with Charm spam. This is Mandibuzz’s ideal moveset.

Note: This article is subjective and reflects the opinion of the writer.

Which moves work best with Mandibuzz in Pokemon GO?

Mandibuzz is lucky in that both of its quick moves are decent. Air Slash and Snarl both do over 10 DPS. In general, though, Snarl typically performs better. Not many moves in Pokemon GO charge over 10 EPS and deal over 10 DPS at the same time.

That being said, Air Slash isn’t a poor option if Mandibuzz is being used as a Flying-type attacker. It’s a tad bit slower than Snarl, but it deals 14 damage every time it’s used.

Statistically speaking, it would seem as though Dark Pulse would be the easy option over Foul Play. They both have the same energy cost, and Dark Pulse has 10 more base power. The better charge move on Mandibuzz, however, would be Foul Play.

This is because Dark Pulse has a really long cool down. If trainers look at DPS, they would see that Foul Play does much more, despite having lower base power. Either way, Foul Play is still a strong Dark-type move that hits much of the popular Pokemon in Great League Remix. Also, since the top 20 in Great League are banned, Mandibuzz doesn’t have to worry about Azumarill switching in.

The other charge move Mandibuzz should run is Aerial Ace. This should be a no-brainer for anybody running Air Slash, as it makes Mandibuzz fill a strong Flying-type Attacker role. Of course, as with all of the moves that only need 33 energy, Aerial Ace is good at burning shields and getting quick damage off.

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