Pokemon GO: Charmander Spotlight Hour guide

Pokemon GO’s popular Spotlight Hour events roll on, with Charmander taking center stage on July 13, 2021 from 6pm to 7pm local time.

For players hoping to catch a shiny Charmander or finally get the candy to evolve a coveted Charizard, this is their Spotlight Hour as well.

For an hour on July 13, not only will an excess of Charmander spawn in the wild, but catches will earn twice as much candy as usual.

This can be increased even further by using Pinap Berries, allowing for Pokemon GO trainers to rack up candies quickly. Charmander’s increased spawns can additionally give players more chances to find a shiny Charmander, bringing more incentives for Pokemon collectors.

Pokemon GO: Preparing for Charmander Spotlight Hour

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

To take full advantage of this Charmander Spotlight Hour and any in the future, there are a number of things trainers can do to prepare.

Mostly, it comes down to stockpiling the required items before the Spotlight Hour rolls out, since events such as these can be demanding on one’s resources in Pokemon GO. This is particularly true for players who are in rural areas that aren’t in close proximity to Pokestops where items can be collected.

A few things Pokemon GO players can focus on leading up to the Spotlight Hour are:

  • Get as many Pokeballs as possible: Time spent near Pokestops and with friends as well as doing daily research tasks is well-invested. Players who want to make as many captures as possible will obviously need as many Pokeballs as possible. Whether standard Pokeballs, Great Balls, or Ultra Balls, if it can catch Charmander, its worth having in one’s Pokemon GO inventory.
  • Incense and Lure Modules: Two of Pokemon GO’s most helpful items for attracting Pokemon to the trainer, Lure Modules and incense can be a game changer during Spotlight Hours. Lure Modules increase Pokemon spawns around a Pokestop that the lure is attached to for a half hour. Incense increases spawns around the trainer’s location for one hour, and spawns increase even mroe frequently if the player is moving around while the incense is active. If one’s Charmander appearances are lacking, popping a lure or incense can make a difference.
  • Berries, especially Pinaps, are your friend: Since Pinap Berries double the candy received from catching a Pokemon, they’re a great asset for Spotlight Hours in Pokemon GO. Candy is vital for powering up a chosen Pokemon as well as evolving them where applicable. It stands to reason that doubling the increased catch candies during the event is a good call, as players will be able to Charmander several times over. Since each Pokemon catch has different stats, it pays to find as many high-stat catches as possible and evolve them to ensure their effectiveness in battle.
  • Keep your friends close: For players not in the immediate vicinity of Pokestops, having a sizable and active friends list can be super helpful to accrue needed items. This applies to all players in general, but particularly those in need of items. A gift from a friend can often be a lifeline when supplies of Pokeballs or other items begin to run dry, so be sure to thank them by sending a gift in return.

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