Police: Trevor Bauer investigation is ‘bigger than we thought’, ‘we are not close to the end’

The Dodgers aren’t likely to get a speedy resolution to the Trevor Bauer sexual assault case.

According to Lt. Carolyn Gordon of the Pasadena Police Department, the investigation is “not close to the end.”

“We were looking into some things and we thought we were nearing the end,’’ Gordon told USA TODAY Sports. “We are not close to the end.

“This investigation is bigger than we thought. So we have to look a few more places. We want to try to uncover as much stuff as we can.”

Bauer is under investigation for an alleged assault that occurred in mid-May. The allegations came to light after Bauer’s accuser filed for a temporary domestic violence restraining order in Los Angeles. The accuser’s attorney said the restraining order came about because of “a recent assault that took place at the Hands of Mr. Bauer” in which the accuser suffered “severe physical and emotional pain.”

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While some have wondered why Bauer hasn’t been arrested given the facts of the investigation — “To me it seems like [Bauer is] getting special treatment,” said a former New York prosecutor to USA TODAY Sports — the Pasadena police department defended their handling of the case.

“I think we’ve dealt with this investigation as we would any investigation,’’ Gordon said. “There are facts that have come up in this investigation that we have to look into and that we’re willing to look into because we have to do our due diligence as investigators and that’s what we plan to do.

“So whether he’s a celebrity or not, there are certain things we have to look into and we want to complete our investigation. We don’t want to turn a case over to the district attorney and not complete an investigation.’’

It’s unclear how much longer this case will go on, but MLB will surely have to make a decision on Bauer’s long-term status. For now, the league has placed him on seven-day paid administrative leave and said in a statement that they “will comment further at the appropriate time.”

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