Ronda Rousey blames fans for Bray Wyatt’s WWE release

Ronda Rousey has hit out at fickle WWE fans following the release of Bray Wyatt.

The former RAW Women’s Champion has lashed out at the WWE Universe for being fickle when it comes to supporting Bray Wyatt, even going as far as to blame them for his release from the company.

In a sensational Tweet, Rousey wrote,

“I’ve seen you same ‘fans’ changing #WeWantWyatt last night, chanting ‘We want beach balls’ over Bray Wyatt performing. If the WWE treated him like he was expendable it was because you ungrateful idiots did first.”

Rousey clearly felt strongly about this, calling fans ‘ungrateful idiots’ for supporting Wyatt one minute and then criticizing him the next.

This comes after the Chicago crowd at this week’s RAW hijacked the show with irrelevant chants like ‘CM Punk’ and, of course, ‘We Want Wyatt.”

WWE released Bray Wyatt which led to Ronda Rousey’s outburst

WWE announced Bray Wyatt’s departure from the company on July 31st when they wished him all the best with his future endeavors.

Although Wyatt hasn’t been on WWE television since WrestleMania in April, the news of his release still came as quite a shock to many as he was considered to be one of the company’s top attractions and biggest stars.

WWE also quietly released Bray Wyatt’s real-life partner Jojo Offerman. The pair have two children together, and Wyatt has two children from a previous relationship.

It’s not clear if Bray Wyatt will be returning to wrestling elsewhere in some capacity or if he has decided to call it a day on his in-ring career.

Do you agree with Ronda Rousey that WWE fans are completely, or partially, responsible for Bray Wyatt getting released from WWE? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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