See Lydia Bright’s Diet Plan That Helped Her in Weight Loss

Lydia Bright is a well-known reality star and TV personality. Her television journey began in 2010 with the ITVBe reality series The Only Way Is Essex (TOWIE)

She had been part of the British show for ten years, starring in a total of 189 episodes with her departure in 2020. Apart from TOWIE, her other notable appearances include Celebrity Island with Bear Grylls, The Crystal Maze Celebrity, and Haunted Hotel Live, among others. 

Throughout the years of appearing on the big screen, fans have always been fascinated by Bright’s lifestyle and incredible physique. Here is everything on how the reality star stays fit. 

Lydia Bright’s Weight Loss after Giving Birth

Bright has always been a massive advocate for fitness, so it is no surprise the reality star got back in shape just months after giving birth.  

The TOWIE star gave birth to a beautiful baby girl named Loretta Rose in February 2020. Women go through changes in their bodies post-delivery, yet Bright managed to lose her baby weight effortlessly. 

The new role as a mother had been hectic for the reality star during the earlier stage of parenthood. She was swamped with work and parental duties, and as a result, she wouldn’t get time to eat. 

Bright would often have to snack light meals between playtimes and nursing activities, which massively aided in her weight loss. 

The British star started working out three weeks after her delivery. She would often share clips of herself exercising while flaunting an already-toned physique in her workout gear. 

Her fitness routine sometimes included acrobatic activities like cartwheels. As a result, bright lost all her post-baby belly fat and managed to get a slim tummy in just two months. 

She would indulge in adventurous activities, like going on hikes and walks, which helped her shape.

Bright has been open about her struggles with her new body. In May 2020, she took to her social media to proudly show off the stretch marks she had gained because of breastfeeding.

Many fans praised the reality star for being truthful and brave. 

Lydia Bright’s Diet Plans and Workout Routine

Bright has always been big on fitness and well-being. Exercise is crucial for the reality star, so she tries to incorporate physical activity into her everyday life.

In 2019, she shared her workout regime, which included many push ups and pull ups burn. In addition, she burns a lot of calories by visiting the gym thrice a week.

Bright further mentioned she could have days of hectic schedule while filming and recording. So, to unwind from all the stress because of her busy life, she practices yoga.

Being a media personality, Bright is under public scrutiny at all times. So whenever she feels like she has put on some weight, it affects her self-esteem. 

The British star stays active to boost her confidence — whenever she thinks she looks good, she feels good. 

Bright has a well-planned diet that complements her workout. In her book, Live, Laugh, Love Always Lydia, she has shared detailed information about her meal plans. 

The star follows a healthy diet for six days a week. Monday through Saturday, she eats clean, whereas Sunday is her cheat day.

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