‘That was easily the worst day of my life’

Alisa La and Kelsey Smith, two of House Speaker ’s staffers, appeared on a special report chronicling the Sunday, where they spoke about hiding in an office as they could hear rioters hunt their boss.

“Just the way he was chanting her name. It haunts me,” Smith said. “He was not going to be nice if he found her or someone associated with her.” “It could have been multiple men that were doing that too,” La added. “I mean, we don’t know.”

It’s not just the sound of men searching for Pelosi that haunts Smith. She said she still thinks about the moment the insurrectionists found the office in which she and La, along with several others, were hiding.

“So we’re hearing it from behind us, and in front of our door, so it was completely — the sound surrounded us to the point we’re just hearing the shouting and the yelling and the banging and the crashing and shattering of glass,” Smith said. “But then once they started banging on the door, that’s all I heard. That’s what I still think about, the door sound.”

Smith also recalled having a conversation about what might happen to them if they were found.

“One of us said to the other, ‘They take us hostage, right?’ I said, ‘Yeah, I think.’ That was one of the few words I said out loud in the room,” Smith said, later adding, “That was easily the worst day of my life. The worst two hours of my life, easily.”

But, despite their effort, as La pointed out, the insurrectionists from certifying as the next president.

“We went back and did our job,” La said. “We fulfilled our constitutional duty, and they will never break us.”

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