The Organising Committee of the European Film Festival Geneva 2021 is Open to the Public

As the global epidemic situation is gradually improving, the European Film Festival Geneva will be held in Geneva from 28 September to 1 October 2021. The organizing committee of the festival recently released the preparation progress of the main events of the festival, including the composition of the jury. According to the process of the event, the European Film Festival Geneva 2021 will start on September 28, and all the preparations for the festival have been completed.

2021 European film festival Geneva will be to “promote the development of the film” as purpose, for Europe’s most promising filmmaker provides a platform, which aims to extend to a more extensive public propaganda independent filmmakers project, as well as the potential sponsors, looking for the possibility of investment in different international projects, such as the script, feature film and video, etc.

According to the organizing committee, Several famous filmmakers served as judges for the festival, including Bo Svenson, Desiree Elle, Val Verse, Marcelo Brasil and others. The judges, in accordance with international conventions and rules, voted on more than 15 awards based on concentrated viewing and thorough discussion. Among them, “The Health Fanatic” directed by Luca Jankovic won The award for best international short film. Ivica Vidanovic’s “Another Possibility” won the award for best international documentary.

“2021 is a special year,” said the organiser of the European Film Festival Geneva. “It is symbolic and far-reaching for the organisers to work hard to overcome the impact of the epidemic. We believe 2021 will be even more brilliant.”

So far, diversity and internationalization have been the highlights of the year, including student shorts, drama, animation, documentaries, experimental films, etc. The content of the film is rich and colorful, covering all kinds of subjects from personal life to family memories.

In addition, the organizing committee also introduced the current situation of the film, the current awards department received from 6 continents, 42 countries and regions of more than 400 films to sign up for the competition, participate in the film theme is rich, diverse types, different styles.

Comments from previous participants are as follows:

Tang method m

The Geneva European Film Festival is a great festival with great organizers. It is highly recommended. Although I was unable to attend due to distance and travel, they offered online screenings and were very good at communicating! Congratulations to all the winners!

Baskin Robbins

It’s a great experience to be part of this festival. I think the Geneva European Film Festival is a very well-made film festival.

Winners of the 4th  European Film Festival Geneva

Metamorphosis by  J Dubio, Competition, Portugal

Film name: Another possibility, Director: Ivica Vidanovic, Award: Best International Documentary Award

Once upon a dream by Anthony Nion, Competition, Award for Best Belgium Short Film 2021, Belgium

Night talk with a hangman by Yakov Sivchenko, Competition, Award for Best Russian Short Film 2021, Russian Federation

Between Seconds by Nora Jaenicke, Competition, Award for Best Director 2021, United States

Shouted from the Rooftops by Beri Shalmashi,Competition, Award for Best Short 2021, Netherlands

The Health Fanatic by Luca Jankovic, Competition, Award for Best International Short Film 2021, Italy

ARIFA by Sadia Saeed, Competition, Award for Best Feature First Time Director 2021, United Kingdom

FIFO by Sacha Ferbus and Jeremy Puffet, Competition, Award for Best Student Film 2021, Belgium

On the bench by Csaba Vékes, Competition, Award for Best European Short Film 2021, Hungary

FAITH by Kymberly Harris, Competition, Award for Best United States Short Film 2021, United States

Zebrafish:  Practically People, Transforming the Study of Disease by Jennifer A. Manner, Award for Best Documentary Short 2021, USA

Alone by Antoine Laurens, Competition, Award for Best French Short Film 2021, France

The Way Forward by Roman Jaquez, Competition, Award for Best Psychological Film 2021, United States

ADRIFT IN SOHO by Pablo Behrens, Competition, Award for Best Feature 2021 All Genres, United Kingdom

DEATH VAN by by Michael Enzbrunner, Competition, People’s Choice Best Short 2021

CAFÉ NADINE by Bruno Kratochvil, Competition, Jury Award for Best Short 2021

Back To The Wall by Suwanee Sam, Competition, Award for Best Drama 2021, United States

Alfonso – I’m happy by William9, Competition, Award for Best Music Video 2021, Italy

A Vipassana Musical by Ida-Nathalie Hildén, Competition, Award for Best Experimental Film 2021, Sweden

Milestone by Aviv Kaufman, Competition, Award for Best Student Short 2021, Israel

A Glimpse of Happiness by Stefan Sauer, Competition, Award for Best Austrian Film 2021, Austria

I, Father by Mark Norfolk, Competition, Award for Best Psychological Drama 2021, Kosovo

BUTTERSCOTCH by Courtney Paige, Competition, Award for Best Love Story 2021, USA

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