“They’re a passport to every corner of the WWE”

The women’s tag team division doesn’t seem like a top priority for WWE right now, but Natalya wants to change that perception going forward.

The Queen Of Harts sat down with Sportskeeda’s own Rick Ucchino ahead of Money in the Bank to discuss all things WWE. When it was brought up that Shotzi, Nox, DuoDrop, Toni Storm, and others were all arriving on the WWE main roster, Natalya expressed her excitement about wanting to work with all of them.

“So there’s five new women that are coming in,” Natalya said. “And I think more to come, and it’s exciting because that’s one of my favorite parts of being a WWE superstar is being able to see different talent come in and finding different ways to work with them like competing against Rhea. If I wasn’t the women’s Tag Team Champion, along with Tamina Snuka, I never would have had the chance or the opportunity to wrestle Rhea Ripley on Raw, but because I have that championship, I can go to both shows. Those tag team championships, they’re a passport to every corner of the WWE. So for me, I love that.”

Natalya believes the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles are the key to her doing everything in WWE

Natalya doesn’t care if they are singles or tag team matches; she wants to work with all of the new talents, even the returning Eva Marie, who crossed paths with her several years ago.

“I love taking on anyone and everyone and having no limitations,” Natalya said. “For me, like that’s the best part of what we do. I want to face Shotzi in a singles match I want to face Toni Storm I want to face Nox in a singles match, I’ll take on Eva. I’ll take on Piper I’ll take them all on at once, I’ll take them on singles competition we’ll take them in a tag match, but when you get new talent, it’s just exciting you get to see a different side of them, and also I can take all my years of training and expertise and just being surrounded and engulfed by the industry, and I can help them. So it’s really cool. I can also remind them of who I am with the Sharpshooter.”

Are you excited about the new women showing up on RAW and SmackDown? Which one would you like to see face off with Natalya the most? Let us know your thoughts by sounding off in the comments section below.

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