Tom Cruise Birthday Special: 5 Best Action Films of the Popular Hollywood Star That Ain’t Mission Impossible! (Stock Market Pioneer Exclusive)

Tom Cruise has made quite a career out of appearing in action films. Cruise is Hollywood’s leading stunt man right now as he made his action career with the Mission Impossible franchise. Tom Cruise time after time has done some really crazy stunts that have defined his career. He keeps on upping the bar with each and every release which just elevates all of his movies. Mission Impossible is a great example of how the movies have just gotten better with each installment, all thanks to Tom Cruise’s crazy mind. Tom Cruise Birthday Special: Need a Break From Ethan Hunt? Here’re 5 Amazing Performances Where We Saw the Acting Brilliance of Mission Impossible Star!

In the global popularity of Mission: Impossible franchise, some of his other action films go unnoticed even though a few of them are as entertaining as MI movies. With how crazy Tom Cruise’s films have been, for his 59th birthday we are taking a look at five of his best non Mission Impossible action movies.


Tom Cruise in Collateral

Directed by Michael Mann, Collateral sees Tom Cruise star alongside Jamie Foxx. Foxx plays the role of Max, a taxi driver who gets taken hostage by a man named Vincent, played by Tom Cruise, and is forced to drive around the city helping Vincent take out his targets. Mann directs this thriller with such intensity while Cruise brings in such a frightening presence. He amps up the scenes with great shootouts and a chilling coolth that earned him an Oscar nomination.

Jack Reacher

Tom Cruise in Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher sees Cruise team up with Christopher McQuarrie as they aim to adapt this story based on Lee Child’s novel, One Shot. Cruise stars in the titular role of Jack Reacher, a former Military Police officer who is brought in to investigate a case. It was a great action thriller that showcased some great action scenes, and Cruise as the lead brought some great energy to the movie. All in all Jack Reacher was a fun package.

War of the Worlds

Tom Cruise in War of the Worlds

This science fiction action film directed by Steven Spielberg is an adaptation of the 1897 novel of the same name. It follows Ray Ferrier, played by Tom Cruise, who amidst an alien invasion focuses on reuniting his children with their mother. It had some intense action scenes as you saw Tom Cruise trudge through a war torn city trying to escape attacks from aliens. If you want a fun Sci-Fi fix, then War of the Worlds is for you.

Minority Report

Tom Cruise in Minority Report

Directed by Steven Spielberg, this Sci-Fi action film is an adaptation of the short story of the same name by Philip K Dick. It stars Tom Cruise in the role of John Anderton, Chief of PreCrime. Minority Report is set in the year 2054 where PreCrime, a specialized police department, apprehends criminals based on foreknowledge provided by three psychics called precogs. Minority Report received critical acclaim upon release, praised for its amazing action scenes and its fresh take on the Sci-Fi genre. Tom Cruise’s Vintage Pictures Take the Internet by Storm on His 58th Birthday!

Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise in Edge of Tomorrow

Whenever talking about Tom Cruise’s filmography, Edge of Tomorrow is sure to pop up for its considered one of his most underrated films. Directed by Doug Liman, Edge of Tomorrow is based on the Japanese manga, All You Need is Kill. It follows a public relations officer William Cage, who has no combat experience and is thrown into a war with aliens only to find himself reliving the same day over and over again. It’s a fun concept that sees Cruise wear a huge exo skeleton as he is sent off to fight aliens. Edge of Tomorrow is one of Cruise’s best features till date, and do check it out if you can for you won’t be left disappointed.

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