Top 5 things you likely didn’t know about the Warden in Minecraft

Minecraft has just added one of the scariest mobs in the entire game.

Minecraft players beware: the Warden is beyond dangerous. This brand new hostile mob will be added with the second half of the Minecraft 1.17 Caves & Cliffs update. Wardens can be found deep underground in Minecraft worlds in dark caves. They will attack any entity that makes a sound, be it other mobs or players.

This article highlights some interesting facts about this terrifying creature that Minecraft players may not have already known.

5 interesting things about Wardens in Minecraft

5) Blind as a bat

The Warden is the first blind mob in all of Minecraft. Don’t consider this a disadvantage. Just like in real life, those without one of the five senses are strengthened in the others.

Wardens have been designed with sculk sensors built into their heads. This means that they can detect movement and sounds. Wardens don’t need to see in order to find and attack a player. If a player is nearby, the warden will know. Because of this, wardens are most likely to find the player before the player can even find the warden.

4) Stronger sculk sensor

Wardens can sense a larger range than an average sculk sensor, increasing their danger level even further. This means that if the player could be detected by a sculk sensor, they will definitely be detected by the warden. If the player is not skilled at sneaking, it is advised that they stay as far away as possible from this new villainous mob.

3) For scary purposes only

As of right now, the Warden is not known to have any purpose besides killing careless players who are unlucky enough to encounter it. Even if defeated, the Warden may not drop any items of use, though there have been rumors of a new trophy item based on this horrifying creature. Mojang has tried to make it clear, though, that fighting the warden is simply not recommended.

Essentially, fighting the Warden is only good for proving a player’s skill level in the game, marking it as different from other strong mobs who often drop useful items that are essential in completing a player’s Minecraft world. Besides bragging rights, the Warden’s only purpose is to be scary. It surely does the job well, especially due to the fact that just its presence will make lights flicker when nearby.

2) Strongest mob of all time

It is no exaggeration to say that the warden is insanely overpowered. Some members of the Minecraft community have done calculations on the new mob and have determined that it may even be stronger than the ender dragon.

An enemy that is stronger than the final boss of the game would be significant in any video game, and the Warden is at a whole new level. This beastly mob can deal up to 31 damage to a player with a single blow, which results in an instant death without the right gear. Even with full netherite armor, players are still barely a match for this insane creature. Thankfully, however, this mob’s range of attack is relatively small.

What’s worse, the warden is also ultra bulky. It can take damage better than it can deal it. The warden has around 84 health points, which would be equivalent to about 42 of the player’s hearts, making the mob about twice as resilient as the average player.

1) To battle or not to battle?

In short, if a Minecraft player is wondering whether or not to have a showdown with the Warden, the answer is a hard and fast DON’T.

However, if a player decides to be brave and take on this behemoth, a long-range battle is recommended. This means that a good bow and lots of arrows will come in handy, as well as snowballs that the player can throw at the warden from a distance to keep it far away. Hand-to-hand combat with the Warden is not recommended under any circumstances, unless, of course, the player wants to reset their health, hunger, level and inventory with a death.

With all of these warden warnings, a player may be better equipped to deal with this horrifying mob if they have the misfortune of finding it in their Minecraft world. It cannot be emphasized enough, however, that if a player does come across this monstrous creature, they should hastily run in the opposite direction.

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