Top 5 tips to win any duel

Competitive games like Valorant can get very intense during a 1v1 situation. A 50-50 chance of either side winning is what makes it even scarier for players.

Everyone wants to win when it comes to competitive games, and moreso when it comes to achieving a higher rank. However, not all rounds go by the playbook and disasters can happen, leaving only one player alive to make the whole round count. Now, it is normal for the player to feel distressed when they are the last man standing. After all, they are forced to take the responsibility of the entire team on their shoulder.

Clutch situations are common in Valorant. It’s a gamble as both teams struggle to sail through the round smoothly. This article provides tips for dealing with a 1v1 situation.

5 tips to win every 1v1 in Valorant

1) Understanding the situation

During a clutch situation in Valorant, players must scan their surroundings to take environmental advantage. Having a better angle over enemies can provide an easy headstart to scoring a victory. Therefore, angle isolation plays a huge role.

2) Managing time

It can get tough when a player is running low on time. Being hasty at the last moment of the game can choke any player. Keeping an eye on the timer and saving enough time on hand can help with better decision-making. Time management helps a lot with making decisions like site rotations and planting spikes tactically.

3) Staying calm under pressure

Maintaining mental peace in stressful scenarios helps with decision-making. With a calm mind, players can assess the situation and take action accordingly. Breathing deeply relaxes the mind and is very effective during stressful situations.

4) Avoid overthinking

Overcoming self-doubt is crucial when facing a 1v1 clutch situation. Instead of being confused before having a gunfight, it is better to keep a clear mind. Planning without overthinking leads to better results than executing something halfway.

5) Utility usage

Utilities are very important in Valorant as a whole. The entire game might be a CS:GO lookalike, but its unique abilities set it apart. Correct utility at the correct moment can change scenarios entirely. It is better to use what’s available than not use anything at all.

On a final note, these tips are not the only factors for winning a 1v1 fight. Having good aim and game sense are also very important in a competitive game like Valorant.

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