Trick Daddy Responds To The Beyhive Following Beyoncé Comments

Trick Daddy is standing ten toes down on his comments about Beyoncé’s vocal ability. The ‘Slip N’ Slide’ rapper was all over the innanet after audio leaked of him speaking in a Clubhouse room Monday night. In the room, Trick expressed that he doesn’t think Beyoncé can sing and said she doesn’t write any music. “Beyoncé ain’t tryna get back in music, Beyoncé doesn’t write music and barely can sing her mother***ing self. Beyoncé can’t sing,” he said. “Man, I watched my God momma train Beyoncé and give her vocal lessons for years. Beyoncé can’t sing.” The Beyhive quickly clapped back & flooded his comments with Bee emojis and even came for his business.

The Beyhive left many unfavorable Google reviews for Trick’s Miami Gardens restaurant ‘Sunday’s Eatery,’ causing the ratings to drop to 2.6 stars. He sat down with Marc Lamont Hill Wednesday morning & addressed the backlash.

Trick acknowledged that Bey can sing but said she couldn’t ‘sang’ and explained the difference. “To me, a sanger is Stephanie Mills, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Alicia Keys, and Adele. To me, a sanger is somebody that can go to church and give you the word. I’m from the South, so singing and sanging are two different things.”

While the conversation continued, Trick also said that if you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything about sharing opinions. Trick reminded viewers that he didn’t care who was mad. Closing the interview, Marc asked Trick one final question referring to the Beyhive attacking him, “What do you have to say to the Beyhive?” Trick responded, “As far as the Beyhive, good support. I grew up with roaches. I’m more afraid of roaches than bees.”

What are y’all’s thoughts, Roomies?

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