Triple H on Samoa Joe’s new role in WWE

Triple H has revealed Samoa Joe’s new role in WWE, which involves talent development apart from being an in-ring performer.

Samoa Joe recently returned to WWE just a few months after being released. The former US Champion’s current onscreen role is that of an enforcer for NXT General Manager, William Regal. Before his initial release by WWE earlier this year, Joe worked as a commentator on RAW, a role he took upon after suffering an injury.

While speaking to NY Post, Triple H spoke about Samoa Joe and his plans for the former NXT Champion. The Game is keen on “developing the next generations of superstars” for backstage roles.

“There was an opportunity for him to leave one realm and come into the other, but in coming into the other it sort of connected the dots for him to still do something in-ring from a preference standpoint — no different than I do, [or] other performers who have other jobs as well. It’s a piece of it, but the bigger component is the talent-development component that he’ll be a big part of. I’m really, really excited about that because again, at this stage of my career, it’s all about developing the next generations of superstars,” said Triple about Samoa Joe.

Triple H also stated that he had talked to Joe about transitioning to a different role as early as when he joined WWE.

Samoa Joe’s current run in WWE NXT

Samoa Joe’s return to WWE has been well received by fans, who thought that the company’s decision to release him was a poor one in the first place.

Joe’s role as an enforcer on NXT suits his character superbly as he has been known for being a ruthless and menacing figure in pro wrestling.

The former NXT Champion could be a great mentor for upcoming talent as he is a supreme performer in the ring and on the mic, and has years of experience in the pro wrestling business. He could be a sounding board for the young stars on NXT and could prove to be a valuable addition to WWE’s backstage staff.

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