Triple H on why he re-hired Samoa Joe to WWE

Triple H has opened up on WWE re-hiring Samoa Joe. The NXT supremo stated that he and Joe had spoken about the former NXT Champion transitioning into a different role even before the pandemic began.

Samoa Joe was let go by WWE in April 2021, but was re-hired last month. He is currently the enforcer on NXT, debuting on the Black and Gold brand last month. Joe has been a part of WWE since 2015, featuring on NXT and later the main roster.

Triple H was asked about WWE re-hiring Samoa Joe in a recent interview with NY Post. The Game disclosed discussions he had with Joe long before the pandemic about Joe transitioning and learning about the business side of the pro wrestling industry.

“It was something that we were already talking about anyways. And what people tend to focus on, because it’s the visual, is the in front of the camera, the character side of it. But what Joe and I have been talking about for a long period of time, before COVID, probably from the time he started in WWE in general [is] that’s he’s a very smart guy that’s very business-oriented, has a level head, and all those things. And [we discussed,] ‘What is the future like and how can he help build the future,’ and he was enamored with the other side of the business and what we do,” said Triple H.

Triple H stated that there were discussions about Joe transitioning to a different role in WWE prior to his release.

Samoa Joe in WWE

Samoa Joe came to WWE after spending years at TNA/IMPACT Wrestling as one of their top stars. Joe quickly rose to the top in NXT, becoming NXT Champion and dominating the Black and Gold brand.

He was called up to the main roster in 2017, with one of his first feuds being against Brock Lesnar. Joe won the United States title twice before transitioning to a commentary role after he suffered an injury. Joe hasn’t wrestled since February 2020.

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