Twitch Vtuber ‘C9 Vienna’ hears a suspicious ‘delivery man’ knocking, immediately ends her streams and calls the police

Popular Twitch Vtuber Brittany, better known as C9 Vienna or Cloud9 Vienna, is a member of the Esports organization “Cloud9”. While her content is centered around League of Legends, she streams other games as well.

During a recent stream, she was in for a rude awakening when something peculiar occurred. C9 Vienna had to end her stream abruptly after she heard a suspicious ‘delivery man’ knocking on her door.

While a person knocking on the door is not out of the ordinary, this is where the story picks up a terrifying narrative. Things could have gone horribly wrong if not for her quick thinking.

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C9 Vienna situation is a lesson in situational awareness

According to C9 Vienna, during her live stream, she heard knocks on her door. A man was standing outside urging her to step out and collect her delivery from the stairwell.

Since it was Canada Day (July 1st, 2021), deliveries were not supposed to occur. Rather than opening the door, she cautiously checked the peephole to find that a man wearing a shirt labeled “security” was standing outside.

C9 Vienna became suspicious and contacted her landlord, who confirmed her suspicion by stating that the building had no designated security. She quickly informed the police. C9 Vienna said,

“Someone claiming to be security was knocking on my door for 10 minutes. Through the peephole their shirt said security. They said there is a package waiting for me in the left stairwell, and to come out and get it. I didn’t open the door. My landlord said we don’t have security. I’m safe, I’m waiting for the police to arrive and I’m sorry I had to end stream early. I’ll keep everyone updated on my status.”

Following her tweet about the incident, fans were sent into a frenzy as they began inquiring about her safety. Here are a few reactions from fans and other netizens.

The incident occurred a few hours ago. According to the last update from C9 Vienna, she was waiting for the police to arrive and said that she should be fine. As of now, there have been no further updates from her side on social media.

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