Valorant set to receive a “Ruination Bundle” with patch 3.01 to celebrate League of Legends’ “Sentinels of Light”

Riot Games are gearing up for a collaboration event between two of their most successful titles, League of Legends and Valorant.

Starting next week, around the 8th of July, League of Legends’ “Sentinels of Light” event will kick off with the new patch. The patch will feature completion quests, new Ruination-themed skins, and fabled champion Akshan, who draws his design inspiration from Indian mythology.

Fortunately, the “Sentinels of Light” event is not restricted to League of Legends spin-off games alone. Along with Wild Rift, Teamfight Tactics and Legends of Runeterra, Valorant will also be receiving some cool items.

Ruination-themed weapon cosmetics is coming to Valorant

The Ruination-themed skin crossover was rumored to be a possibility when Valorant’s new agent Kay/O dropped into the live servers last week.

The teaser trailer for season 3 showed a glimpse of certain weapon cosmetics that looked a lot like the ruined mist in League of Legends.

The “Sentinels of Light” event in League of Legends revolves around the very concept of good and bad. The Sentinels are in a constant struggle against the forces of darkness, which are slowly engulfing the entirety of Runeterra.

A few hours ago, popular Valorant data miner, Mike from ValorLeaks, revealed that the Ruination-themed skins are not just rumors but are set to arrive in the shooter with the next update.

Mike wrote:

“VALORANT will be receiving a Ruination Bundle based on League of Legends. We will most likely be seeing this bundle around July 8th as that is when the event starts for League. The bundle is currently known to include a Guardian. Also, Viego’s Sword is cool.”

Riot Games are yet to provide any official details on the upcoming Ruination bundle. However, with the new update right around the corner, players will be able to get a bit more information right before the patch goes live.

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